Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative (GPDI) is a non-political, non-profit making secular indigenous NGO established to work with Pastoral Communities in Oromia Regional Sates (Ethiopia). It was legally registered with Ministry of Justice on November 21, 2003 and re-registered by new legislation of charities and societies agency on October 30, 2009 with number 0156 as Ethiopian Resident Charity. The overall goal of GPDI is to improve socio-economic conditions and promote sustainable livelihoods of Pastoral Communities.


Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative (GPDI) mainly works with all stakeholders found in the areas such as community leader, representatives, Gada leader, PA Officials and communities as a whole and from Government sectors at Zonal level based on the project identified with Pastoralist office, Disaster Prevention and preparedness, Finance and Economic Development Office, Health office, Education office, Administration office both at Zonal and Districts level we work with them hand in hand for better achievement of the planned projects in addition to any actors working in the area to reduce the duplication of the activities in the same areas.


  • Bush clearing project in Yabello district supported by Oxfam America.
  • Pilot study on techniques of bush clearing methods in Yabello district supported by OA in collaboration with Bio-diversity Institute.
  • Emergency and recovery program in Moyale district supported by OA (2006)Emergency and recovery program in Moyale district supported by OA (2006).
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